Into the static


HBO were looking for a brand campaign to articulate why they are the most loved storytellers in the world, whilst reminding people where they need to come to watch it. Over six months we created a suite of brand work for TV, print and social. Using that pavlovian HBO static as a starting point, it celebrated a place to see something you never saw coming. There were films, .gifs, billboards and bitesize bits - each one a different way of diving into the static, whether looking closer or being thrown in. 

Droga5, 2017


The campaign, Instagram

Here is a short film showing one of the most interesting parts of the campaign, an odd byzantine Instagram game. Working with the stars of their HBO’s hit shows to help you get lost in the static.


Game of Thrones Static


Silicon Valley Static

Silocon valley.png

Veep Static

bill boards.jpg