Under Armour —
Stephen Curry


‘Make that old' is an idea that puts Curry in the middle of making history, not at the end. After the best individual and team season in NBA history, and the only ever unanimous MVP vote, Curry let the title slip away. It hurt. This film goes into Curry's story and sends a message about what's to come and what doesn't matter any more.

To make this film we delved into how Curry approaches the game, who he is and how he plays. We then worked with Mr. Harmony Korine to bring it to life - casting real kids from the across the Bay area.

Droga5, 2016


When Steph Curry eventually came good the ad became a self fulfilling prophecy. For the finals we made some limited edition Curry 3's to keep the hysteria going.

He then went and won it, so we made a special clothing line with ‘Made that old’ plastered all over it.