Tesco Bank—
Bank that Think like a supermarket

BAGELSdw codddpy.png

If a bank thought a little more simply and straighforwardly, the way a supermarket does, maybe it would be a better bank. 'A bank that thinks like a supermarket'. A new positioning for Tesco Bank, with this idea we looked to develop a new look and feel for their bank. We thought it would be good to do something which celebrated the simplicity of their services but also cut through the 'happy smiley' singathons out there. In this first spot we describe their credit card using bagels shot against background taken from the colour of British money.

Photographed by Karl Kleiner x cut by Aardman

Droga5, 2019


Credit Card and Bagels

Banks are complicated things to talk about. Bagels are a little simpler.