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The Truth is worth it’. A campaign for The New York Times, that looks to shed light on the journalists behind the journalism and why it's all worth it. It's about the rigor, guts, nous, nose and perseverance that goes into each headline - finding the truth wherever it may be and bringing it back in word form for the world to read.

Droga5, 2019

Fearlessness, Rukmini Callamachi

In this film we tell the story of Rukmini Callamachi and how she spent years following leads to the very to get under the under belly of The Islamic State


Resolve, Hannah Beech

In this film we tell the story of Hannah Beech and how she followed her nose to find the truth in Myanmar.


Rigor, Taxes

In this film we tell the story of a three-strong team and how over nearly two years they dug and dug and found Donald Trump had lied about his taxes


Perseverance, Caitlin Dickerson

In this film we shed light on Caitlin Dickerson and how she found that the government had been separating families at the Mexican border, despite public denials.


Courage, Azam Ahmed

In this film we bring to life the plight of Azam Ahmed, who continues to report fearlessly in the face of the threats from the Mexican government.

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It’s not just genocide and governments, pies get the same rigorous New York Times treatment.