Toby + Laurie
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Launching Google's first phone.



Client: Google
Agency: Droga5
Project: 'Phone by Google'
Year: 2016

In 2016 Google asked Droga5 to create a campaign that would launch their first ever mobile phone. We led the creative development- looking for an idea that would allow us to announce across many countries, without relying on language, that Google were making a phone. The Pixel. We built the whole campaign around the changing shape - from search bar to phone shape - what Google were, becoming what they were going to be.

Here is a film that tell you all about the campaign

Here is the launch anthem in full - a film about teasing something to come.

We then filled the shape with films about the feelings of having the phone, the amazing features that is had on offer and some stuff that just felt right at the time.

 ↓  Some examples of the product films we made   

Some examples of the product films we made