Toby + Laurie

Gamble for the flavour of your juice.


Client: Ali Baba/Toby & Laurie
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Project: Lucky Juice
Year: 2012

We’d had this idea for a while – to make a massive fruit machine, a big healthy robot and see if we could create a new way to get people excited about buying, trying and drinking healthy juice. So we created ‘Lucky Juice’ with our friends at Ali Baba Juice + Matcha, Peckham.

At £3 pounds a play, three out of a possible 15 ingredient icons lined up at random, be it Beetroot, Grapefruit, Ginger, or Apple, Kale and Basil. Whatever random juice combo was selected, it was mixed together and surreally presented to you by a white-gloved hand.

‘Lucky Juice’ featured on Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube, Timeout Magazine, and alarmingly (or flatteringly) it was copied somewhere in Istanbul, Turkey.  ‘Lucky Juice’ really got people thinking about flavours and health in a new and playful way in London. We’re working on Lucky Juice 2.0 - juice gambling is the future.

W/Thanks to Sam Coldy (Japanese graphic vibes) xHans Lo (Animation skillz)
Wave (Letting us make those fruity sounds)

LUCKY JUICE MAIN copy copy.png
JUICE BODY2 copy.png