Google —
Pixel 2 Launch

google_frame 1.png

A phone made from questions. This was the idea behind the ‘Ask more of your phone’ campaign. Google wanted to follow on from the Pixel 1's success and create a campaign to launch the second iteration of their smartphone...the Pixel 2.  We centered this campaign around Google's core philosophy, a company that loves questions - asking them, receiving them and answering them - all in order to push things forward. The resulting work is designed to be a modular suite of high-paced film work, print and digital stuff that feels smart and immediate -  just like the phone. 

Droga5, 2017


Launch film

A Swiss clock of a number, a ping-pong of question and answer that looks to get to the guts of what makes the phone so great. It's packed with easter eggs and familiar faces in true Google fashion.


Teasing through Google

To tease the phone we used Google's own predictive search to show that people were already asking more of their phone - with the solution coming on Oct. 4


Question and answer

Once the phone was out we built the same call and response idea that is in the film work into a global design system for outdoor advertising - allowing us to talk about features or simply create high impact statics and glue it all together.