Toby + Laurie

Launching a boot with an Instagram comic.


Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Project: 'Out of this world'
Year: 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo, at this moment, is arguably the greatest player playing, behind Jamie Vardy. So it was only fair we did something befitting of his show-stopping skills. When it came to launching the most expensive football boots Nike have ever made – The CR7 Mercurial Superfly - we decided to make an Instagram-based 7 part comic book which would best showcase the boots in a new way to inspire young Nike footballers worldwide. On the eve of El Clasico (‘the biggest game in the world’), we hijacked Cristiano's Instagram feed with the 7-part superhero story. Each short film was a small comic book chapter, each leading you into the next as you scrolled down through your news feed.

‘CR7 in OUT OF THIS WORLD’ tells a story about explosive speed and the great man himself coming together with his new boots. We wanted it to look like something never seen before, as well as paying tribute to the graphic novels of the past; half live action and half animation, the film was made by the lovely Tomek Baginski and his army in Krakow (unbelievably in less than five weeks).

The film was written to come together to create a single piece of film which travelled across Facebook and the Internet. 

CR7_instagram_main copy_list.png