Toby + Laurie
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Money in, chocolate money out.


Client: Wieden & Kennedy
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Project: "Chocolate Coin Factory'
Year: 2012

Christmas 2014 we made 'Dan & Dave's Chocolate Coin Factory' in the window space on Hanbury St, W&K. When a £1 coin is popped into the slot, the peculiar copper and brass machine comes to life in a symphony of hoots, stamping and whirling wheels and out the other end appears a big gold chocolate doubloon.

The machine was made to raise money for Millfields Community School, a primary school in East London with the smallest outdoor space, despite being one of the largest schools in the borough. A simple way to make giving cash more wonderful. Worth polishing all those nights away with sculptor Ben Hughes & artist Joshua T Howell & electronics and robotics by Will Hooke.

 ↓  Here's a film to show how it worked.  ↓

Here's a film to show how it worked.